Saturday, November 30, 2019

Peony Power Prayer

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Peony Power Prayer
Reflections from the Heavens above shine in your face as you admire God's masterpiece within me Be blessed Be Loved for I to see God's masterpiece within you

Angel Message Of The New Day

Today's Angel Message of The New Day is Fill your thoughts with Prosper and delight
Today's message I received from God The Father came in loud and clear from the Angels was God has wonderfully prospered this nation  With us as he Angels on Earth and along side of us our GUARDIAN ANGELS too , we as a nation are hereby granted many opportunities to fill your thoughts with prosper and delights Choose this Right from directly from His Heart to yours for this is a powerful gift from the Father Take a moment now and take a deep breath and visualize His Almighty Hand on you ....feel His Love swirl around you , as this Holy Energy swirls around you to make you feel whole again Let God's Light shine all around you , inside you , and those you come in contact with and now He will thru you spread this loving energy throughput the World, His World , Your World , Thank you God for this Gift ....we receive it now ................

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Angel Message of the New Day


IMAGINE and Visualize 
Identify a LIMITATION in your life right now.
Now, imagine for a few minutes, what your life would look like without it.
Stay in that LIMITLESS imaginary time/space for a while.
Now imagine every human being on the planet without that limitation.
If any fear popped up, process it, remember, fear is the block that builds the walls of limitation.
Let's stop messing about and become limitless ..........

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Mother Mary prayer

Mother Mary
Come To Me now
As You Lay
Your Hands on Me
Please, Remove All
Things In me
The Negativity That
Clouds Over Me
Release It From Me now
In the Name Of My
Higher Self

Happy Thanksgiving