Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Angel Message of the New Day


IMAGINE and Visualize 
Identify a LIMITATION in your life right now.
Now, imagine for a few minutes, what your life would look like without it.
Stay in that LIMITLESS imaginary time/space for a while.
Now imagine every human being on the planet without that limitation.
If any fear popped up, process it, remember, fear is the block that builds the walls of limitation.
Let's stop messing about and become limitless ..........

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Mother Mary prayer

Mother Mary
Come To Me now
As You Lay
Your Hands on Me
Please, Remove All
Things In me
The Negativity That
Clouds Over Me
Release It From Me now
In the Name Of My
Higher Self

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving prayer

Happy Thanksgiving
God in Heaven , Angels by His side Singing in all of His Glory to sing Bow down your Blessed head as I shine my Sun and glowing Translucent Sphere made from the Sacred Transparent White Light of The Holy Spirit over you Blessing each and everyone of you from My Heart to you Take shelter in My infinite love for you with take this moment now and hear Me whisper in your ear , I am with you always , right inside your sparkling Heart is My Almighty Heart , feel now the power of My Love for you and hold it and I will Hold this forever in eternity , blessings and consecrating all of you entirely in your Holy Body

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Make a wish

Spiritual meaning of the Chipmunk appearing for you it is a most opportune time to ask for a wish #makeAwish #wish