Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Angel Message of the New Day

Step into Your Power

Come and sit with us and let us play.  This action removes all inhibitions and is very relaxing.
Practice this everyday for it refreshes and renews your very being .  We love you, we love you so much.  Close your eyes as we shine the Heavenly Sun/Son. Feel it wash away all your fears.  We
now send you visions of petals of a rose flower blooming of different rays of colors of blue, pink , yellow and white.  Now see yourself in a swing on a tree.  The wind flowing and moving you way up just so, Archangel Jophiel blessing you with laughter and joy.  Take a deep breath in, feel this powerful Love of Joy ,Grace and happiness.  This is within you now.  EnJOY it for it is a gift granted for you always.  When the Power of Love has activated,miracles come your way...thank you

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